Inessa Goldberg's Institute of Graphoanalysis is an international organization based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. We specialize in multidisciplinary research of human handwriting.

We offer professional handwriting analysis services and training to individuals and organizations.


Институт Графоанализа Инессы Гольдберг - международная организация, базирующаяся в Тель-Авиве (Израиль) с филиалами в ключевых регионах СНГ. Мы занимаемся мульти-дисциплинарным исследованием почерка.
Мы - единственное учреждение в мире, профессионально обучающее на русском языке мастерству графоанализа по израильскоим стандартам профессии.

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About Inessa Goldberg


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Certified graphologist

Member of the Society of Scientific Graphology (Israel) - SSGI, 
Forensic graphologist and Document Examiner 

Specializes in Hebrew, Russian and English handwriting.

Founder and director of Inessa Goldberg's Institute of Graphoanalysis.

Main areas of activity:

- Personality assessments

- Consultation & Guidance
- Career advice
- Recruitment
- Teaching & presentations

Organizes informational and Internet projects. 

Author of the first educational graphology book series in the Russian language.

Initiator and chief editor of "Scientific Graphology" - international magazine in Russian.


- Born in 1974 in Perm, Russia
- Moved to Israel in 1991
- Holds a B.A. in Philosophy and Classic Culture from Tel-Aviv University
- Studied handwriting analysis according to the official program of SSGI
- Completed additional courses at  Kibbutzim College of Tel-Aviv University (psychology, psychopathology and typology).